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Why Real Estate?
Why Winnipeg?
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2nd Story Real Estate Investments focuses its property investing in the city of Winnipeg, MB, Canada.  When it comes to real estate investing, not all cities are created equal.  There are some key influences and drivers that make Winnipeg an excellent place to invest in real estate...  

Property Prices
Winnipeg is still below the national average for property prices in Canadian cities.  This means that properties can still be purchased relatively inexpensively and there is plenty of room for the Winnipeg market to grow.  It also means that it is possible to purchase a property and have the rent cover the expenses of it and produce positive monthly cash flow.

Low Vacancy Rates
Winnipeg's residential vacancy rate is hovering around the 1% mark.  This means renters will only find 1 in 100 homes available to rent.  CMHC lists Winnipeg's vacancy rate among the lowest in the country.

Influx of Immigration
According to CMHC, net migration to Winnipeg has increased from approximately 1000 people a year in 2006, to present rates of approximately 8000 to 10 000 people per year.  All these people are going to need places to live.

Recent and Future City Developments
Many Winnipeggers are excited about getting the Jets back, the new CFL stadium that is being built, the new National Museum of Human Rights, the new Rapid Transit System, the Richardson International Airport, and the new IKEA that's going up.  The Centre Port Project that is in the works has the potential to put Winnipeg on the map on a global level.  These are all indicators of a strong growth trend in Winnipeg which can translate into a health real estate market.

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